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I am not a professional chef. My introduction to cooking happened when I was in my early twenties. Faced with having to cook for myself one night, I called my mother in law to ask how to cook mashed potatoes. She talked me through the steps and promptly sent me a copy of The Commonsense Cookery Book. It’s a great little book with all the basics which helped me gain an elementary knowledge of cooking. With my interest sparked, I soon found that cooking was a creative activity that helped me release stress after a day in the office. In my thirties, I got more adventurous in trying more complex recipes and even started inventing new dishes which I would serve to  family and friends. Over the last decade I created bigger cooking challenges for myself including Iron Chef, based on a favourite TV show, where I would create a meal out of the few remaining ingredients in the fridge and pantry to avoid going to the grocery store, or to not cook the same recipe twice in one year. More recently I have been engrossed researching traditional cooking techniques, attending online masterclasses hosted by Michelin star chefs, and experimenting with little known spices. I own a modest cookbook library but I tend to find my research covers multiple websites and tutorials, from which I create a hybrid recipe of my own.

This food blog was created following encouragement from my wonderful friends after I started posting about my latest challenge during COVID lockdowns: to cook a meal from every country in the world. I have been adding other culinary adventures along the way too, and I hope it gives you a little inspiration to try something in your kitchen.

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Learning how to make mashed potatoes is how it all started